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There is nothing more decadent than lazing on a sunny afternoon, wildflower-filled denim daydreams are best paired with wearing your favorite pair of jeans. What you wear matters, how it makes you feel matters.

Mi cultura no es tu disfraz o un lugar para tus cuentas de redes sociales. Día de Muertos es un momento para recordar a nuestros seres queridos y celebrar el pasado en el presente.

Digital writer Christina McBride sits down with Rachel Monroe, author of Savage Apetites to discuss the nuances in visibility, whose story gets told, and who gets searched for. Monroe’s book explores what it means specifically for women to become obsessed with crime.

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stack awards 2019

ROCKET is proud to announce our recent inclusion on the shortlist for the 2019 Stack Awards for Student Publication of the Year. This international competition commemorates independent magazines from all across the globe, covering a wide breadth of subjects and mediums, both professional and amateur. This recognition has marked our publication as on par with the likes of student magazines such as Brasilia, out of Berlin, Crumble, out of Edinburgh, and FM/AM, out of New York, as well as professional magazines such as Beauty Papers, Anxy, and Eye on Design. ROCKET is purely a manifestation of our dedication to the ever-growing creative venture that is producing a print publication, so to be acknowledged alongside such remarkable titles such as these is both an honor and a major feat. With thes humbling accomplishment, we strive to continue pushing the boundaries of fashion, art and photography, as well as challenging the social and political issues at William & Mary and beyond.