Que es Dia de Las Muertos?
Mi cultura no es tu disfraz o un lugar para tus cuentas de redes sociales. Día de Muertos es un momento para recordar a nuestros seres queridos y celebrar el pasado en el presente. Día de los Muertos or Día de Muertos is a tradition that extends throughout Latin America but is closely identified with […]
Savage Appetites and Empowered Victimhood
Digital writer Christina McBride sits down with Rachel Monroe, author of Savage Apetites to discuss the nuances in visibility, whose story gets told, and who gets searched for. Monroe’s book explores what it means specifically for women to become obsessed with crime.   “Perhaps we liked creepy stories because something creepy was in us,” Rachel Monroe, […]
ROCKET x Cohen Career Center
ROCKET staff member Jaela Watkins sat down with W&M student Tangereen Velveteen to discuss accessibility and business-casual wear for trans and non-binary people. ROCKET partnered with the Cohen Career Center to showcase pieces from their Dress to Impress closet, a resource for students to borrow professional attire. The Center for Student Diversity has recently launched […]
Cowboys: Masculinity Remagined - Behind the Scenes
Cowboys have historically been a touchstone for heteronormative ideals of masculinity. By portraying softness and intimacy we hope to challenge the projection of those ideals. The boundaries of cowboyishness are consistently being pushed, breaking down the rigidity of what it means to be a cowboy, creating space for more fluid perspectives and personalities. Like indie […]
Interview: Meridian Coffeehouse
Situated just outside of Colonial Williamsburg, the unassuming Meridian Coffeehouse hosts a wide range of music and art events and serves as a hotspot for DIY culture here in America’s Historic Triangle. Owned by the university and operated by students, The Meridian seeks to provide students with a space to truly be themselves. To learn […]
Techno Future - Behind the Scenes
Welcome to the future. The world may be ending, but at least we look good? Check out our latest behind-the-scenes footage of our latest shoot! Filmed by Andrew Uhrig Edited by Andrew Uhrig Music: Industrial Soundscapes by Phillip R. Bloomfield
Adobe Photoshop: Changing Background Colors
Check out this video with information on how to change the background color of a photo in a few easy steps. Special thanks to our photographer Ellie Grace for helping to teach this process.   Video by andrew uhrig
Fall! Get it?
ROCKET’s Style Team is quite literally falling for our favorite fall trends. From belted blazer moments accented with statement prints to monochromatic affairs featuring pops of plaid, it’s fair to say we dove head first into this upcoming fall/winter season. We focused on autumnal color palettes including mustard yellow, deep hues of violet and neutral […]
Artist Interview: Shunkan
Hailing from Los Angeles, Shunkan is the ‘90s-influenced indie rock project of 26-year-old musician Marina Sakimoto. Sakimoto’s sophomore album, Cumberland Falls, debuted on September 13 and will be accompanied by a seven-date tour of the East Coast. The third stop, on September 27, is William & Mary’s own Meridian. In advance of the show, Features […]
The Company You Keep
Why does it suddenly feel like brands are becoming our best friends? As Features writer Nakia Stephens notes, this is exactly how they want us to feel. But if that’s the case, why shouldn’t consumers be able to ask for respect from these brands in the same way they would expect from their friends? I […]